REPORT: Volume 1 Issue 22

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY CCP Propaganda outlets noted the 2015 growth rate and positive influence of China’s cultural industry, praising firms that were able to fulfill their cultural responsibilities in line with Central Committee guidelines. This praise mirrors recent regulations that continue to tighten restrictions on Western values and culture. Mayor and acting Party secretary of Tianjin Municipality Huang Xingguo (黄兴国) is under investigation for suspected grave discipline violations. Huang served in Tianjin since 2003, and is a member of the CCP’s 18th Central Committee. CCP Politburo Standing Committee Member and Chairman of the CPPCC Yu Zhengsheng (俞正声) conducted an inspection tour … Continue reading REPORT: Volume 1 Issue 22

REPORT: Volume 1 Issue 21

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Xi Jinping presided over the 27th session of the Central Leading Small Group for Comprehensively Deepening Reform, where important opinions were deliberated and passed, including on the construction of a “green” financial system in order to achieve sustainable development. In an interview at the 22nd Shandong-Taiwan Economic & Trade Fair in Weifang City, Shandong Province, Taiwan Affairs Office Director Zhang Zhijun (张志军) emphasized the criticality of the “One China Principle” of the 1992 Consensus, arguing that it could not be construed to mean “Two Chinas” or “One China, One Taiwan.” The CCP Central Committee General Office published its … Continue reading REPORT: Volume 1 Issue 21

The Chinese Communist Party International Department: Overlooked yet Ever Present

Originally Published in The Diplomat Authors: David Gitter, Leah Fang As the Communist Party of China (CPC) pursues its domestic goal of realizing a “moderately prosperous society in all respects” by the year 2020 and struggles to advance Beijing’s interests on China’s troubled geopolitical periphery, Western observers have diligently interpreted the Party’s foreign policy intentions through China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the bellicose statements of the state-owned newspaper the Global Times, and inflammatory propaganda videos posted on Chinese social media. And yet, even seasoned China hands have often overlooked one of the most authoritative and increasingly transparent channels of CPC … Continue reading The Chinese Communist Party International Department: Overlooked yet Ever Present

REPORT: Volume 1 Issue 20

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY State media continues to advance the importance of “cultural self-confidence,” stating that confidence in the system of socialism with Chinese characteristics is based on confidence in China’s 5000-year-old culture. Warnings that the country’s success depends on cultural self-confidence mirrors ongoing efforts to warn Chinese citizens against Western values. United Front Work Department head Sun Chunlan argued in CCP journal Qiushi that China must tolerate, guide, and Sinicize religion for the indefinite future, warning that to seriously restrict religious freedom would destabilize the state. Politburo Standing Committee member Liu Yunshan spoke with 56 experts at Beidaihe, emphasizing that all … Continue reading REPORT: Volume 1 Issue 20

Does China Care About the South China Sea Ruling?(And if not, can Beijing be made to care?)

An interesting video surfaced on the Chinese Internet after China lost its South China Sea arbitration case to the Philippines at the Permanent Court of Arbitration at The Hague. Titled “South China Sea Arbitration, Who Cares?” the video was promoted by the Chinese Communist Youth League, and featured a disturbing mix of youth, some donning animated cat whiskers, nonchalantly stating, “South China Sea Arbitration, who cares?” These images were interlaced with those of missiles, fighter jets, and explosions. It is likely that many of those featured in the video are unable to care, because the country’s censorship machine blocked all … Continue reading Does China Care About the South China Sea Ruling?(And if not, can Beijing be made to care?)

REPORT: Volume 1 Issue 19

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In a series of events, senior CCP officials encouraged China’s media organs, propaganda theorists, and non-CCP members of varied backgrounds to support national efforts on the One Belt, One Road framework, implementation of the New Development Concept, and economic supply-side reform. Citing recent cases, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI) continues to emphasize the importance of the “CCP Accountability Provision,” and made clear the CCP Central Committee’s intent to punish those officials that tolerate and overlook the discipline violations of their subordinates. PROPAGANDA WORK Xi Urges Media Cooperation on “One Belt, One Road” State Council Information Office … Continue reading REPORT: Volume 1 Issue 19

REPORT: Volume 1 Issue 18

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The CCP Central Committee has issued a new CCP Accountability Provision, which is designed to ensure that every CCP committee, committee of discipline inspection, and CCP organization holds themselves and those under their supervision accountable to the Party and the people. The provision marks an important effort to eliminate misconduct, evidenced by its prominence in Party mouthpiece People’s Daily. Chinese state and CCP diplomacy continue to focus on building support for China’s position on the South China Sea dispute. Chinese Vice President Li Yuanchao sought to ensure cooperation from Laos on the issue during his meeting with the … Continue reading REPORT: Volume 1 Issue 18

REPORT: Volume 1 Issue 17

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY A State Council Information Office white paper and statements made by President Xi Jinping, the Defense Minister, and CCP International Department officials all reiterate China’s stance of having historical rights in the South China Sea, as well as China’s position that the South China Sea arbitration ruling at the Permanent Court of Arbitration at The Hague is illegitimate. Xi Jinping’s 1 July speech delivered on the CCP’s 95th anniversary is being pushed as a major work for all state and CCP organs to study, in order to fully understand the CCP’s historical achievements and ideological basis for continued … Continue reading REPORT: Volume 1 Issue 17