EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI) released its findings that the Propaganda Department has not performed well in its ideological work at universities. Qiushi journal published an article offering ideas on how to strengthen socialist values among university students, citing Xi Jinping’s assertion that the values of China’s youth will determine societal values in the future. The CCDI is preparing to develop a “CCP accountability provision” to promote cadre accountability and discipline, and thereby increase the public’s loyalty to the CCP. CCP Liaison Department meetings focused heavily on advancing the One Belt, One Road framework in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, … Continue reading PARTY WATCH V1 I13: CCP ACTIVITIES 6.6.-6.12.13

CCP ACTIVITIES: 5.30.16-6.05.16 (V1 I12)

 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Vice governor of Jiangsu Province and member of the provincial CCP standing committee Li Yunfeng was formally placed under discipline investigation. Beijing launched discipline inspections into CCP groups at 26 prominent organizations. The United Front Work Department urged its personnel at every level to cooperate with the Organization Department and Ministry of Education in order to promote the inclusion of non-CCP members into higher education leadership teams. About 17% of members of China’s democratic parties were said to be based in centers of higher education, according to statistics cited by the United Front Work Department. Premier Li Keqiang … Continue reading CCP ACTIVITIES: 5.30.16-6.05.16 (V1 I12)

Is China’s Period of Strategic Opportunity Over?

As many have written about recently, China is facing many difficulties as it seeks to enforce its territorial claims over vast areas of East Asia, including the South and East China Seas and Taiwan. In reality, all of these struggles reflect China’s longstanding desire to have the country’s periphery free from powers that have the potential to threaten it. What is new, however, is Beijing’s bold and seemingly impatient strategy to secure its periphery at the considerable expense of its neighbors. Under Xi Jinping’s leadership, China has shown an increased tolerance for regional tensions as it vies for domination on … Continue reading Is China’s Period of Strategic Opportunity Over?