Chinese Communist Party Activities: 5.23.16-5.29.16 (Party Watch V1 I11)

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection announced that in order to address ongoing problems related to the “four forms of decadence,” five inspection teams would be established to inspect ten central ministries (listed in the Party Discipline section). The CCP Journal Qiushi warned Party cadres against being too afraid to do their jobs and choosing to do nothing because of CCP discipline enforcement efforts. The CCP celebrated the 65th anniversary of the “peaceful liberation” of Tibet, and highlighted improvements in Tibetan living standards, economic growth, and gender equality as examples of its success. Xi Jinping led a CCP … Continue reading Chinese Communist Party Activities: 5.23.16-5.29.16 (Party Watch V1 I11)

CCP Activities 5.16.16-5.22.16

PARTY WATCH UPDATE Our reports now have a new section called PARTY WATCH Weekly Analysis, where readers can find an introduction and website link to our latest pieces published by our partner, The Diplomat. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY People’s Daily published an article blaming Mao Zedong for the Cultural Revolution, and recognizing the disastrous results that the movement brought upon China. The article stated that the CCP has always admitted and corrected mistakes, and reassured readers that Cultural Revolution-type mistakes will never occur again. 4,309 officials were investigated for violating Party discipline in April, bringing the 2016 year total (not including May) to 16,545. An … Continue reading CCP Activities 5.16.16-5.22.16

CCP Activities: 5.9.16-5.15.16 (V1 I9)

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY CCP organs are strongly encouraging all Party members to repeatedly study Xi Jinping’s important speeches, word by word. Propaganda organs have released a compilation of Xi Jinping’s most important speeches, which were said to be the latest achievement of Marxism in China. The United Front Work Department told non-CCP intellectuals not to fear reprisals for offering criticism and oversight of CCP policies. They were also reminded to maintain political awareness and conformity as they make their contributions to national development. The February 2016 pledge of loyalty to the PRC constitution by members of the National People’s Congress (NPC) … Continue reading CCP Activities: 5.9.16-5.15.16 (V1 I9)

CCP Activities: 5.2.16-5.8.16 (V1 I8)

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Recent CCP discipline inspections and statements show that Party discipline work continues to target the “critical few” cadres that are in leadership positions. The CCP committees of the PLA Army and Strategic Support Force dispatched inspection teams to their subordinate organizations for the first time, extending the reach of the leadership’s anti-corruption campaign deeper into the military. The newly elected president of Laos Bounnhang Vorachit held meetings with top Chinese leaders Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang, Zhang Dejiang, and Liu Yunshan in Beijing, where Vorachit signed cooperative agreements covering a range of topics. Xi Jinping emphasized the need for … Continue reading CCP Activities: 5.2.16-5.8.16 (V1 I8)

Chinese Communist Party Activities: 4.25.16-5.1.16 (Party Watch V1 I7)

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Taiwan Affairs Office warned Taiwan’s Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) against utilizing transitional justice legislation in order to desinicize the island, and Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference Chairman Yu Zhengsheng sought to promote relations with the China-based Taiwanese business community as a counterbalance to Taiwan’s current political trends. The Central Military Commission’s 15 departments and offices released a slew of authoritative announcements ordering each office to protect CMC Chairman Xi Jinping’s authority, and carry out its duties under the military’s new structure. CCP Liaison Department meetings with Japanese officials show the CCP’s desire for warmer relations with Japan … Continue reading Chinese Communist Party Activities: 4.25.16-5.1.16 (Party Watch V1 I7)

CCP ACTIVITIES: 4.18.16-4.24.16 (Party Watch V1 I6)

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The CCP leadership’s continued emphasis on studying Mao Zedong’s guidance for Party committees, “The Party Committee’s Work Methods,” reflects a two-pronged approach toward Party governance: strongly enforcing the organizational principle of democratic centralism among leading cadres, and spreading respect for CCP regulations among all Party members through CCP education, particularly through the “Two Studies and One Action” plan. The second Internet Security and Informatization Work Conference was held in Beijing, where Xi Jinping ordered CCP cadres to go online in order to understand the Chinese people. The reality that CCP officials cannot effectively lead their citizens without leveraging … Continue reading CCP ACTIVITIES: 4.18.16-4.24.16 (Party Watch V1 I6)