CCP ACTIVITIES: 4.11.16-4.17.16 (Party Watch V1 I5)

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY China has signed its first innovation strategic partnership with Switzerland, specifically to promote innovation. The partnership is said to be based on China’s “New Development Concept.” China’s State Council released its own report on U.S. human rights in 2015 in response to the U.S. State Department’s annual human rights report on China and other countries. The United Front Work Department is challenged to control an increasingly diverse group of intellectuals that have questionable loyalty to CCP ideology. A new focus of CCP united front work is to coopt Chinese students returning from study abroad, as well as young, … Continue reading CCP ACTIVITIES: 4.11.16-4.17.16 (Party Watch V1 I5)

CCP ACTIVITIES: 4.4.16-4.10.16 (Party Watch V1 I4)

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY New guidelines from the CCP Central Committee General Office aim to purify China’s cultural market in order to protect China’s ideological security. The guidelines call for the creation of an effective law enforcement force in the cultural market that is held to newly created certification and testing standards. Chinese leaders are working hard to link China’s development under the 13th Five Year Plan with the development projects of other countries, notably through the One Belt, One Road initiative. The United Front Work Department recognized the importance of uniting non-CCP intellectuals around the CCP, given that they are needed … Continue reading CCP ACTIVITIES: 4.4.16-4.10.16 (Party Watch V1 I4)

CCP Activities 3.28-4.03 (Party Watch V1 I3)

PROPAGANDA WORK Xi Jinping in Czech Republic: Advance “16+1” Cooperation People’s Daily 3.28:  Xi Jinping (习近平) arrived in the Czech Republic during a period when China seeks closer relations with Eastern Europe, reports People’s Daily. The visit was the first to the Czech Republic by a Chinese president in 67 years. Xi noted that the country had become an important Chinese partner in the region, with the article suggesting that China-Czech Republic relations have entered “the best time in history.” Xi stated that he looked forward to progress on “16+1” cooperation, the official framework for advancing China’s cooperation with 16 … Continue reading CCP Activities 3.28-4.03 (Party Watch V1 I3)