Party Discipline and Central Military Commission


Party Committee’s Must Adhere to Proper Work Methods

Central Commission for Disciplinary Inspection (CCDI)

3.01  The CCDI explains that the Party committee is the core of the CCP’s political life, and key to all endeavors in every region, department, and unit (单位). As such, the committee secretary must avoid arrogance and place all problems on the discussion table. Proper guidance is to be found in Xi Jinping’s relevant comments and Mao Zedong’s guidance for Party Committees, “the Party Committee’s Work Methods” (《党委会的工作方法》). Party committee’s should uphold democratic centralism, which is the concept that matters can be debated democratically inside the Party until a decision by majority is made. Party Committees must also learn from the masses before handing down orders, and properly discuss problems and cadre differences when they arise. CPC News also posted a People’s Daily article to call on every CCP cadre to study “the Party Committee’s Work Methods.”

CCDI Praises and Encourages Surveillance by the Masses


3.03  The CCDI’s newspaper published a piece praised the effectiveness of China’s “surveillance by the masses” for ensuring cadre discipline, explaining that would-be corrupt officials no longer dare to abuse power for fear of being caught. From the CCDI website’s “fight the four winds” (a reference to the four evil habits of formalism, bureaucracy, hedonism, and waste) button to policies encouraging citizens to snap pictures of corruption in action, surveillance of the masses has become an essential part of improving cadre discipline across the nation, the piece states. The article also advocated giving the masses the courage to report bad behavior and even making it enjoyable by sufficiently protecting informers and increasing reporting efficiency.  Reporting the lavish spending of officials has become common practice and a popular topic in Chinese social media, creating a palpable atmosphere of fear among those in the public spotlight.



CMC Vice Chairman: Root Out Leftover Corrupt Influence of Guo Boxiong, Xu Caihou


3.02  Speaking at a CMC discipline inspection commission conference, Vice Chairman of the CMC Xu Qiliang (许其亮) stated that the military must root out any remaining corrupt influence of the ousted former CMC vice chairmen, Guo Boxiong and Xu Caihou. Xu also explained that military inspections must be motivated by the desire to build a strong army, and that the military must always adhere to Party leadership. Discipline inspection agencies were urged to better supervise the military and expose discipline violations.


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