Recent United Front Work


Democratic Parties Must Support CCP’s Message, Policies

United Front Work Department, China Daily

2.29  Referencing Xi Jinping’s recent speech at a conference discussing CCP media propaganda work and its related Party loyalty, an article published by the United Front Department explained that China’s united front democratic parties must also adhere to central propaganda requirements in order to guide public opinion and support China’s great national rejuvenation and China Dream.  The recent conference and media tour by Xi is a response to a decline in public trust in traditional media sources, which are under siege by other independent sources of information such as social media. This is viewed as a threat to CCP legitimacy.

Beijing’s Panchen Lama Pledges Loyalty to Xi

United Front Work Department

3.01  The United Front Work Department Minister Sun Chunlan (孙春兰) met in Beijing with the Chinese government-selected 11th Panchen Lama Gyaltsen Norbu. The Panchen Lama pledged to obey General Secretary Xi Jinping’s instructions to uphold monastic discipline and faithfully advance Tibetan Buddhism. He was also told by Minister Sun to remember the duties entrusted to him by Xi, continue the tradition of loving both country and religion, consciously defend the homelands unity, and lead the adaptation of Tibetan Buddhism with China’s socialist society, all to which he agreed. Norbu was selected by the Chinese government in 1995 as the 11th Panchen Lama after the Dalai Lama’s selected Panchen Lama disappeared. Norbu is considered by many Tibetans to be a fake.

Gather Strength to Achieve Comprehensive Well-off Society

United Front Work Department

3.03  A People’s Daily commentary praised the opening of the annual National People’s Political Consultative Congress (NPPCC), the political consultative body comprised of non-CCP parties and groups. While stating that the NPPCC is an important institution for promoting democracy, the piece also stated that the fundamental function of the NPPCC is to unify different parties and peoples from different social classes. The commentary also asked the NPPCC to promote the CCP’s 13th Five Year Plan (FYP) and achieve a comprehensive well-off society, which is the strong consensus of all parties. This commentary reflects the general purpose of the NPPCC, which is to consolidate all interest groups under the leadership of the CCP.

United Front Work Department Official Meets Hong Kong and Macao Chief Executive

United Front Work Department

3.4  The United Front Work Department Minister Sun Chunlan met with Chief Executive of Hong Kong Leung Chun-ying (梁振英) and Chief Executive of Macau Fernando Chui (崔世安) in Beijing. Leung and Chui introduced the recent development trends and major government works of both special administrative regions. Both also expressed gratitude for the United Front Work Department’s support to their regions. Sun Chunlan stated that the United Front Work Department will act in accordance of the central government and support both Chief Executives and governments in order to effectively promote the “one country, two systems” framework, and to maintain Hong Kong and Macau’s long-term prosperity and stability. Recently, thousands of protesters in Hong Kong demanded for the release of several booksellers that regularly sell books with political gossip about Chinese leaders; the booksellers are widely believed to have been abducted by Chinese security forces, and are likely still held in Mainland China.



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